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We at Residential Design Services thought you might like to meet the creators of all those one-story house plans and ranch house plans you've been seeing here, so here we are! We're grateful that you're considering RDS as your provider of residential design plans for a single residential remodel job, or of the new house plans for an entire development of quality homes. Did you know that we offer more than unique house plans? Perhaps you're looking for a 3-car garage floor plan, or maybe a "garage with shop + house" floor plan. You may even want us to create custom garage plans for you. Whatever your need, we just wanted you to know that the plans you choose were created by an AutoCAD drafter-designer among us who has a heart for the homebuyer and the builder. That goes for every split-level plan, all of our small house plans, every design house, all of our two-story house plans... every one of our plans.

Are you a contractor who's trying to avoid the high cost of hiring an AutoCAD drafter-designer to create one-story house plans or ranch house plans for a residential remodel? Are you a homeowner who is adding on and needs the right 3-car garage floor plan, or maybe you need custom garage plans without taking out a second mortgage to pay for the designer? Whether you require a split-level plan for residential design from the ground up, plans for a dream design house or you need a "garage with shop + house" floor plan, you'll find superior plans here for a fraction of what other companies will charge, backed up by the world-class service that has made Residential Design Services a leader in its field.

One-story house plans, the ranch house plans that contractors dream of, the perfect split-level plan for your dream design house... these and many more are available to you here at Residential Design Services. Whether you're after full residential design plans for new construction, or you require custom garage plans for a residential remodel, you can trust that one of our AutoCAD drafter-designer experts has already created the perfect plans for your project. From a 3-car garage floor plan to the plans for your two-story beachfront home, we're confident that you will not only find the perfect plans here, but that you will save a lot of money, period. It's all part of our plan to affordably deliver quality plans with excellent service. That's how we do business. We look forward to serving you.
David Peek, founder of Residential Design Services Inc., has been in the residential building industry since graduating from the University of Washington’s School of Architecture in 1975. David’s knowledge of the construction industry combined with his technical background, has given Residential Design Services Inc. a leading edge in the residential building industry. “It’s fulfilling to sit down with a customer to design their home and produce a working drawing that will be their dream home”. -David Peek

TSE Engineering
is a local design office providing, among other
services, structural design on a variety of residential and commercial projects.
TSE has been providing structural design services to the building community
for nearly 20 years.

TSE has Professional Engineer licenses in the following states:


SITTS & HILL ENGINEERS, INC. has provided structural engineering services to RDS since 2001. Their builder friendly structural design approach and extremely professional finished package of documents together with our overall construction documents is what makes our product a superior one to our competitors.

States in which we provide stamped calculations:

CE & SE Provided in the following States:
Arizona, California, Idaho.

PE Provided in the following States:
Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, NCEES, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Utah, & Wisconsin.

SE Provided in the following State:


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